Maximilian. 1 year
Maximilian. 1 year

Max, Maximus, Мистер-Твистер – первый министр, бурундук – this is all Max. The first day of his life he smiled a lot, but ever since then whining was his normal state. Max would whine because he needed attention, because he needed milk, or did not need milk anymore, because Mommy was not fast enough addressing his immediate needs, or because she was too fast getting ready for something, like a trip to the park, and, thus, stressing him out. You name it – Max will whine about it.

At the same time, Max has always been a very sweet gentle soul, very sensitive and emotional. You will always know when he is happy or unhappy, as he is very expressive in his emotions. He likes making noise, his laughter is very contagious, and he frequently gets spells of giddiness when he would roll around and laugh. These are the funniest moments!

Max is very attached to Mommy, but is not a hugger/kisser. He rarely hugs or kisses on demand, but when he does, it melts his parents’ hearts. More often he would come and lay his head on his parents’ knees, rather than hugging or kissing.

He started noticing Zoe and acknowledging her existence later than she did his. Around one, he loves his sister and playing with her. He would happily chat with her, giggle about something before sleep and after they wake up in their room. Max relies on his sister outside of the home when his parents are not around (childcare facilities). He tends to lead their play at home, or happily plays on his own, but he finds comfort in Zoe’s presence and often follows her around at the YMCA children’s club, or at the Bright Horizons daycare.

When Max learns a new skill or trick he takes great pride in that, but he is at the same time rather modest and shy. He would call for your attention when he stands unsupported, but as soon as you acknowledge how well he is doing, he looks down, a shy smile on his face.

Max likes being read and sung to, but his attention span is short. He appears to be anxious during storytelling times at children’s places, like library or children’s museums. He gets frightened by shouts and large groups of people. He enjoys his parents’ songs and rhymes and the accompanying gestures, like clapping, stamping, raising one’s arms, etc., but in unknown places and large groups this intimidates and overwhelms him a bit.

Meet Maximilian Eriksson. 1 year old
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