Zoë. 2 years
Zoë. 2 years

Zoë is a very determined little girl. She likes structure, order, predictability, and rules. She decided one day which chair was hers, so she has been sitting on that chair thereon. She decided that the green bib was hers, and although Daddy keeps forgetting which bib is Zoë’s and which one is Max’, Zoë never fails to remind him. In her world one sticks to the rules!

Everyone can always rely on this little girl. If her older brother takes off and runs away, and Mommy needs to run to catch him, she can trust Zoë to stay where she is standing and guard the bags and the stroller. Moreover, Max risks getting told off by his little sister when Mom brings him back.

Zoë is a great little helper. She keeps looking for something she can help with. Unloading the washing machine or a dishwasher, unpacking grocery bags, or even passing potatoes to her Mommy for peeling, Zoë takes pride in helping her parents!

2 years and 1 month. Zurich

When we started Sunday music and dance classes at the Russian children’s club Колобок” (Kolobok) when the kids were 2 years and 7 months, Zoë quickly picked up lyrics for all songs and moves to accompany them. She followed the teachers’ instructions diligently from the first class, but would not give anyone her hand except for her parents and brother when we danced in a circle. At home Zoë and her brother sing all the songs over and over again. They both love our Sunday classes!

Zoë also likes drawing and painting with water-colours. She likes watching cartoons more than her brother. Her role-plays often include taking care of her toys in a motherly manner, putting them to bed and tucking them in with soft blankets. She is a loving and caring little girl, full of empathy for other people’s feelings. She cannot bare it when someone is upset, sad or angry. She would always try to comfort another person and resolve any conflict.

Whereas Max picked up the names for all sorts of cars in both Russian and Swedish at a speed of light, Zoë is particularly good at learning how to express different emotions: “Как красиво, мамочка!” (Rus. “It’s so beautiful, Mommy!”), “Ой-ой-ой!” (Rus. “Oj-oj-oj”), “Ничего себе!” (Rus. “Wow!”), “Огого!” (Rus. “Wow!”), “Здорово!” (Rus. “Great!”). Furthermore, Zoë learns to use communication formulae quickly, ex. “Det gör vi!” (Swe. “Let’s do that!”), “Vi ses imorgon!” (Swe. “See you tomorrow!”).


PS Looking at what I wrote about Zoë at 1 year of age made me smile. Zoë is the same smiley and warm girl but with a pinch of stubbornness and determination.

Meet Zoë Eriksson. 2 years old

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