Max loves translating from Mommy’s to Daddy’s languages. He shows awareness of the two languages that surround them at 1 year and 9 months

One person – one language. It is important, we found, to stick to this principle.
Also, with 1-2-year-olds, it is pivotal to name, name, name everything they see in both languages. Just like Martin does in this video.


Repeat, then repeat once more. When you give names to the objects your child sees, don’t be afraid to add more and more details – adjectives, for instance. Here, we first say “birds”, but then specify “turkeys”, “big birds”, “many big turkeys”.

“Motherese”, or “parentese”, or “care-giver’s” speech is a fantastic tool. Exaggerate your voice melody, make your speech diverse, avoid sounding monotonous. That will certainly grip your child’s attention and invite them to partake in the conversation.

Maximilian is cooing and testing his voice range


First cosy sounds. Maximilian is 9 days old.

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